how does we buy houses for cash work

How Does “We Buy Houses for Cash” Work?

You’ve seen the signs around town: “We buy houses for cash.” The message is proclaimed on billboards, kiosks, and bulletin boards, but how does “we buy houses for cash” work? Does someone actually hand you a suitcase full of cash in exchange for your home? Not exactly, but it’s closer than you might think.  The … Continued
who are home cash buyers in LA

Who Are Cash Home Buyers in Los Angeles?

Have you driven down the highway lately and seen one of those ubiquitous “We buy houses for cash” signs? These advertisements are popular in L.A., but what do they actually mean? Who are these cash home buyers? Is it legit? And most importantly, is it something you might want to consider?  Who Are the Investors … Continued
what is a preforeclosure

What Is Pre-Foreclosure and How Can You Deal With It?

Pre-foreclosure is what happens when you miss 3 to 6 consecutive mortgage payments and your lending institution starts issuing warnings. If you have received a “notice of default” due to missed mortgage payments, your bank has initiated the pre-foreclosure process. If you’re already in pre-foreclosure and you don’t know what to do, the important thing … Continued
how to sell your house before foreclosure

How to Sell Your House Before Foreclosure in Los Angeles

U.S. foreclosure rates reached a 15-year low in 2019, but we may soon see a rebound as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the U.S. economy. If you find yourself facing the possibility of foreclosure, you have a few options. You can contact the bank and try to work out a loan modification, you can … Continued
selling your house after or during divorce

How to Sell Your House After a Divorce in Los Angeles

More than 50% of U.S. marriages end in divorce. In Los Angeles, the rate is even higher.  If you’re going through this life-changing experience, you may be wondering what happens to the home. Some couples fight over the property, but a growing number are instead selling their house after a divorce and making a clean … Continued