Differences Between Real Estate Agent vs Investor

difference between real estate agent vs real estate investor

When you decide to sell your home, you’ll be approached by two different types of professionals offering to help: real estate agents and real estate investors. Both types of professionals can help you toward your end goal, but each serves a different purpose. When deciding between a real estate agent vs. an investor, you need to consider what’s most important in your real estate transaction.

Distinguishing Real Estate Agents vs. Investors

Before you can decide on the right type of real estate professional, you’ll need to make a few key decisions:

  • How long are you willing to wait to sell your home? Is a quick sell essential, or are you willing to spend a few months finding the right buyer?
  • How much are you hoping to earn from your sale? If the home is in pristine condition and in a desirable location, you might want to take all necessary steps to maximize the return on your investment. If the home needs repairs or upgrades or is struggling to find a buyer, you might not be as concerned about the maximum market value.
  • Do you love the art of negotiation, or do you recoil at the thought of having to deal with multiple buyer interactions, extensive marketing efforts, and uncertain results?

Once you have an idea of your priorities, the next step is understanding how agents and investors can work to help or hinder your personal goals.

Agents List Your Home – Investors Buy It

The biggest difference between real estate agents and investors is that agents list while real estate investors buy.

Real estate agents: An agent is like a home sale manager. They help you with the legal requirements, the marketing, and the buyer interactions. They’ll list your home in the industry MLS, host open houses, and see your listing through to the end. Their job is to connect you with the right buyer and ensure that you get the maximum value for your home.

Real estate investors: An investor buys your home for cash, no listing process required. They’ll perform the inspection, make you an offer, and take the property off your hands. Their job is to purchase real estate that they can then turn around for a profit.

Long Listing Periods vs. Quick Financial Transactions

Are you hoping to unload your home quickly or put it on the market in the hopes of maximizing your earnings?

Agents: In Los Angeles, a typical home listing will last 3 to 6 months, sometimes longer. Throughout this period, your real estate agent will be working on your behalf, interfacing with interested buyers and providing you with updates. It’s a lengthy and often expensive process, but it’s designed to help you achieve the maximum value for your home.

Investors: When an investor makes you a cash offer, you can expect to get paid in as little as 7 to 10 days. Add an additional 24 to 48 hours for the initial inspection and offer, and it’s possible to complete the entire interaction in as little as 2 weeks. This is ideal for homeowners who have limited time to sell or who are wary of the traditional long-winded real estate process.

Maximum Home Value vs. A Smaller Competitive Offer

The main reason for choosing a real estate agent is that you have the best chance of securing the maximum value for your home, but the work involved in that effort comes with hefty costs of its own.

Agents: An agent will work with you to determine the total value of your home and to market the property in a way that appeals to eager buyers. Though it can take months to find the most qualified buyer, an extended listing period allows for ample negotiations and minimizes the likelihood that you have to settle for less than the home is worth.

Investors: An investor performs their own home inspection and provides you with a written offer, usually based on the total value of the home minus the cost of any necessary repairs or upgrades. The offer is usually less than what you’d get from a traditional listing, but you’re not responsible for commission fees or continued maintenance on the home. Sometimes the investor will even pay the closing costs. As a result, your profit often ends up being close to or comparable to what you’d get from a traditional real estate listing.

Real Estate Agent vs. Investor – Which Should You Choose?

Consider the information above to determine whether you would be better served by a real estate agent or an investor. If you decide to go with an investor, make sure to do your homework and compare your options. Look at their history, reviews, commission fees, and past results. Only then can you decide who is best for you.

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