How to Sell Your House to an Investor in Los Angeles

How to Sell Your House to an Investor in Los Angeles

Selling a home in Los Angeles can be a daunting ordeal. If you go the traditional route, you have to find an agent, list your home, and undergo numerous inspections and open houses as you wait 30 to 60 days or even longer to find a buyer. And just when you think you’ve crossed the finish line, you have to navigate the escrow process and hand over a percentage of your sale to commission fees.

To make matters worse, it’s still very much a buyer’s market in Los Angeles. That means it could actually take months for you to get a decent price for your home, even if you’re working with the best Realtor in town.

But there’s good news: There is an easier way to transfer your home while bypassing most of the headaches. You can sell your house to an investor for cash.

How to Sell Your House to an Investor in Los Angeles

If you want to sell your home fast and with minimal complication, consider working with a real estate investor like Get Fair Home Offers.

The nice thing about independent investors is that they do all of the heavy lifting. They’ll make a cash offer on your home, take the property off your hands, and complete any necessary repairs. Once the transaction is complete, the investor may decide to resell the home for a profit or use it as a rental property. Los Angeles has one of the nation’s most thriving real estate investor markets, so you can usually get an excellent value for your property.

How to Sell Your Home to a Real Estate Investor

The process is simple.

  1. Reach out to a real estate investor, usually by phone or email. Get Fair Home Offers has an easy contact form that you can use.
  2. Wait for the home inspection. The investor will provide—or employ an appraiser to provide—a complete inspection to determine the current value of the home minus any essential repairs. You will receive a cash offer based on the appraiser’s findings.
  3. You decide whether to accept or decline the offer. If you decline, the transaction is complete. If you accept, you’ll close on the home. The investor will provide you with a cash payment.

It’s important to remember that you’re in control. If you don’t like the offer that’s provided, you reserve the full right to decline and pursue other options. There’s no risk in speaking with an investor.

How Fast Can You Sell Your House to a Local Investor?

A traditional home sale with a Realtor can take months. But when you work with a real estate investor, you can close in as little as 7 to 10 days. That’s why so many eager homeowners are choosing this option.

But you save more than just time. You also save a ton of money. With a traditional home sale, you usually have to fork over 3% of the sale to your real estate agent and another 3% to the buyer’s agent. That’s tens of thousands of dollars.

With a real estate investor, there are no commission fees. There are usually no fees at all. The investor will even cover the closing costs in many cases. Whatever price you agree upon, that’s what you get paid.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Sell Your Los Angeles House

Whether you sell to a real estate investor or a traditional home buyer, you should know that it’s not in your best interest to wait. There are hidden costs when you hold on to an unwanted property.

For instance, for every month you hesitate, you’re pouring more cash into mortgage, utilities, general home maintenance, and other fees. That’s another reason why many people choose to use a real estate investor. If it takes six months to sell a home with a Realtor, you’re on the hook for another six months’ worth of home expenses.

By selling your home quickly at a slight discount, you can end up saving far more money in the long run. That’s all money you could be putting toward your new home. You don’t even have to pay for the repairs. The investor takes care of everything.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Selling to a Real Estate Investor?

There are myriad advantages to selling to a real estate investor, but there’s at least one potential disadvantage to watch out for as well. Namely, real estate investors are not subject to the strict education and licensing standards that you would get from a Realtor or real estate agent.

Agents are subject to extensive training and must usually pass an exam before they can dive into the real estate game—the exact requirements vary by state. Real estate investors aren’t subject to such stringent standards. Anybody with money to spend can call themselves a real estate investor, even if they have no experience, training, or certifications.

Working with an inexperienced real estate investor can be a disaster. If they don’t know how to transfer ownership and close on a home in accordance with the law, you could be legally or financially liable. In some cases, you may also be scammed by a fraudulent investor.

This shouldn’t dissuade you from selling to a real estate investor; it’s simply a reminder that you must always exercise caution and do your homework before signing on the dotted line. There are some excellent investors out there who not only have the skills and experience but are also equipped to give you an excellent price for your home.

How to Choose a Legitimate Real Estate Investor

Before settling on a real estate transaction with an investor, always do the following:

  • Visit the investor’s website. Browse all of the available information to learn about their process, their credentials, and their history. Look for testimonials and case studies.
  • Contact the investor to speak with them personally. Ask as many questions as possible, and see how they conduct themselves. If they make promises that seem too good to be true, or if they seem pushy or demanding, consider other options. If the investor asks you for any money up front, just hang up the phone.

If an investor is legitimate, they won’t be afraid to answer your questions with full transparency. They’ll be respectful of your time and knowledgeable in their field. Most importantly, they’ll offer you a no-hassle, no-obligation offer on your home.

Take our company as an example. Get Fair Home Offers maintains a detailed website where you can learn everything there is to know about us, our history, and our process. We’re easy to contact at any time, and we maintain total transparency coupled with a straightforward, no-hassle approach.

Should You Sell Your House to an Investor in Los Angeles?

Selling your home to an investor is a big step, so should you do it? Ultimately, the choice is yours, but as long as you do your homework ahead of time, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. You pay no fees, you sell your home quickly, and you never have to navigate the complexities of home inspections, escrow, or mountains of paperwork. It’s all about finding the right investor.

At Get Fair Home Offers, we buy houses in Los Angeles. We’d love to speak with you as you consider this important decision. Let us show you what we can do for you, and let us make you an offer. From there, the choice is yours.

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