We Buy Houses in West Covina, CA

Did you know that Get Fair Home Offers purchases homes across California with cash? That’s right, we buy houses in West Covina and across the state, helping homeowners like you sell their houses quickly and easily. Why choose the traditional real estate market that may take months, if not longer just to find a buyer when we can purchase your property within days?

What is Get Fair Home Offers?

We are a real estate consulting firm, not a real estate agency. This means that we do not put your home up for sale, we buy your property. There is no need to look for a buyer when we are the buyers. As many residents of West Covina and across California can attest, we buy houses with cash and complete the process in two weeks and often less.

If you are facing the following conditions and thinking “how do I sell my house fast?”, then you should consider our services.

  • Home needs repairs that exceed your bank account
  • You need to move fast because of a job offer or other reason
  • It’s becoming more difficult to meet monthly expenses
  • A change in your life means you no longer need your home

For these reasons and more, Get Fair Home Offers is here for you. We are the company that provides fast cash offers for properties across West Covina when the traditional real estate market will not work.

How to Sell My House in West Covina, CA

Everything starts when you call our offices directly or when you fill out the short form on our site. A representative will call you and discuss your situation. This usually means asking a few questions about your property and then setting up a time when we can inspect your home. The inspection is to verify the information you have provided and to give us what is needed to create a cash offer.

Usually within 24 to 48 hours we will have compiled all the information necessary and will call or contact you with a cash offer for your home. You can accept our offer and we can start the purchasing process. Or, you can reject our offer with no obligation. We understand that our services are not for everyone, so feel free to take another course of action if you desire.

How Does Get Fair Home Offers Home Buying Process Work?

If you decide to accept our cash offer, we get to work right away with the selling process. In most cases, we have purchased homes within two weeks and sometimes as little as a week depending on the circumstances.

We take care of the paperwork and we do not charge fees or take commissions that subtract from our cash offer. Plus, the offer we make is based on the After-Repair Value or ARV of your home. That means you get an offer based on your home being in good condition.

If you are thinking about how to sell your house fast, Get Fair Home Offers is here for you. We buy houses in West Covina just like yours with cash. Call or contact our offices today and find out more about how we can purchase your home within the next two weeks or less with Get Fair Home Offers.

Sell Your House in West Covina, California Stress Free

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