man at a home auction

Is Auctioning Your Home a Good Idea?

When you need to sell quickly, auctioning your home may be the way to go. The traditional real estate process can take months, costing you a fortune in the process. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll be successful. Auctioning your home affords you a bit more freedom and convenience, but is it a good idea? … Continued
home floating away on balloons

Your Guide to Selling a Home With a Balloon Payment

Are you thinking of selling a home with a balloon payment? This is a viable option if you’re unable to pay off the principal.  A balloon mortgage can seem like a dream come true in the beginning. Purchase the home of your dreams with small monthly payments and a low interest rate. But there’s a … Continued
What Is Repair Escrow

What Is a Repair Escrow? Why You Might Benefit From One

If you want to buy or sell your home, but the repair costs are giving you pause, it might be time to negotiate a repair escrow, also known as an escrow agreement for repairs after closing. In some cases, the loan provider might even require this type of account as a condition for lending. Under … Continued