How Can I Sell My House Fast?

Selling a home even under ideal circumstances is no easy matter. The traditional means of putting your home on the market, hiring a real estate agent, and undergoing the process of selling that may take weeks, months, or longer to find a buyer can be nerve-wracking. But what if you need to sell my house quick? Or perhaps you need to sell my house as-is? If that is the case, you are facing a new set of circumstances outside the traditional real estate sales process.

The need to sell a home quickly is not a new one. In fact, thousands of homeowners around the country face that very issue of having to move quickly from their homes. Understanding the reasons why will help you in making the right decision.

Why Sell My House Fast?

While most people have the time to prepare and sell their home using the traditional real estate market, there may be circumstances which makes it impossible to wait that long. If you are facing one or more of the following conditions, then you need to consider a faster sale option.

  • New job in another community
  • Home needs repairs beyond current budget
  • Mortgage payment cannot be met
  • Tax payment cannot be met
  • Special circumstances require you to leave the home quickly

If you are facing one or more of these conditions, then you will need to consider how to sell my house quick. But before you begin, you’ll want to be sure that selling your home fast is the best option. This means taking enough time to calculate if selling your home quickly is the only option. You do not want to sell based on an emotional reaction that turns out not to be true.

So, before you move on trying to sell my house fast without real estate agents or a realtor, you should ask the following questions.

  • When must I move?
  • What options do I have other than selling my house?
  • Do I need to give up my house immediately if I do move?

Consider your options first before deciding that selling your house quickly is the best answer. The last thing you want is to make a commitment to sell quickly, only to find out or discover that you didn’t need to go down this path.

Selling Options

To make the best-informed decision about selling your home, here are the options that you have when you need to sell my house fast.

  • List your home with a real estate agent or realtor
  • Sell the home yourself or FSBO: For Sale by Owner
  • Auction your home
  • Short sell your home if you cannot meet your next mortgage payment
  • Sell your home for cash

These are the basic options. You should consider all of them that apply to your situation. Obviously, if you can meet your next mortgage payment, then a short sale is probably not for you. But if you still need to move quickly, here are the options that are available.

Real Estate Agent/FSBO: This is far and away the most common method of trying to sell a home. It is not only the most traditional, it also offers you the chance for the highest sale price. However, the downside is that you are not in control of how fast the home sells. Until a buyer comes along, that home is not going to sell.

If you decide on this route, then you will need to do the following to help speed up the process and get your home sold as fast as possible.

  • Clean, Declutter, and Paint if necessary
  • Set a Price that is Attractive to Buyers
  • Make Necessary Repairs
  • Improve the Landscape and Curb Appeal
  • Hire Professional Photographer and Videographer
  • Time Your Sale to the Best Time of the Year
  • Be Flexible when Showing Your Home

The major difference between hiring a real estate agent and FSBO is that with the latter you are doing the work all by yourself. When you want to sell my house without a realtor, then you will have to list the home and work towards getting it exposed on the market. You may not have to pay the realtor commission, but you will not have the expertise and assistance available to help you sell the house quickly.

The main advantages of either hiring a real estate agent or selling the home yourself is that you get the best price possible. However, the main disadvantage is that even if you move quickly, you may have to wait several weeks, if not months or longer to make a sale. You have no control over when the buyer will show up.

Plus, there are a considerable number of fees and the commission that you pay the real estate agent. You may find yourself getting less than you desired from the sale. In addition, if your home needs repairs that you cannot pay for, then the chances of selling the property drop considerably.

Auction: The option to sell your home by auction is considerably faster compared to using a real estate agent or trying to sell the home on the open market yourself. This is because the auction takes place on a single day that you set in advance. You prepare the home just like you would for a traditional sale, but you do not have to pay for photographers, videographers, or list the home on the market.

The main advantage of the auction is that you can sell your home quickly. And by setting a reserve price, ensure that it does sell for what you need. You also avoid many of the commissions and fees associated with selling on the marketplace. Auctions can also avoid the need for making repairs as many homes are sold in as-is condition.

The downside, and it is a big one, is that your home may not sell at all. Many who show up at auctions are looking for a good deal. And if you reserve price is too high, then it will not sell, and you are stuck with the auction fees.

Short Sale: This is when you reach an agreement with the mortgage company to sell your home for what is owed on the property. Short sales have the considerable advantage of moving quickly, so you will most likely be able to sell within a couple of weeks depending on the price. A short sale avoids being late with your mortgage payment, which helps protect your credit.

The downside is that there is no guarantee of sale, especially if what you owe on the mortgage is greater than the value of the property. This is called being underwater and will make a short sale virtually impossible. Plus, the mortgage company may not agree to a short sale which leaves you without this option.

If you are seemingly out of options and need to sell my house quickly, then you can always choose the cash for sale option.

Sell Your House for Cash

At Get Fair Home Offers, when you need to sell my house fast or sell my house as-is, you have the fastest option to sell your home. While selling for cash is not the only option, it is one that offers the following advantages.

  • Buy Your Home Quickly
  • Condition of Home Does Not Matter
  • Get ARV or After-Repair Value for the Home
  • Close the Sale in Days, Not Weeks or Months

Get Fair Home Offers is a real estate consulting firm that specializes in purchasing homes in the Southern California area. This means that they have the cash on hand to make a good offer when you need to sell your home immediately.

  • Get a Free Quote
  • No Commissions or Additional Fees
  • You Can Sell My House Quickly and Get on With Your Life

It all starts when you call or fill out the short form on the Get Fair Home Offers site. A representative will call you shortly and ask a few questions. At your convenience, an inspection of your home will be made. After the inspection, it usually takes from 24 to 48 hours to get a cash offer for your home.

Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to accept. You can reject the cash offer and look for other opportunities if you desire. However, if you agree to the cash offer, Get Fair Home Offers will move quickly to purchase your home no matter its condition. This means that you do not have to worry about getting the home repaired. Plus, you can focus on moving out and getting on with your life.

Almost all sales are completed within two weeks and often less. This means that you receive cash for your home and can get on with your life right away. If you have considered all the options and need to sell my house fast, then Get Fair Home Offers is the solution.  

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